Bathroom Vanity LED Lighted Mirror

Selling Points
1. Copper-free silver mirror, environmentally friendly.
2. The LED mirror has defogger.
3. You can change the light from 3000 to 6000K.
4. IP44 rated.
5. Touch sensor.
6. UL tested, 2-Year of warranty.

1. This bathroom mirror adds a breath-taking brilliance that will compliment your bathroom and home decor
2. This LED lighted mirror is quite durable due to its shatter-proof and anti-corrosion treatment
3. The anti-fog function keeps the mirror from fogging up when in the shower or bath
4. The LED mirror copper-free with silvered reflection layer, create the most realistic and clear reflection
5. With a touch sensor feature, different light color options can be optimized for your mood
6. This mirror can be mounted securely across the wall, which has been load tested
7. Our LED mirrors feature waterproof and moisture-proof backing, IP44 rated to ensure safe lighting in wet bathroom environments
8. UL tested, 2 years of warranty

Size: 32" (length) ¡Á 24" (height) ¡Á 1.2 (width)
Net weight 15.3 lbs
Gross weight 20 lbs
Glass thickness 0.2" (5mm)
Voltage 120 VAC
Frequency 60 Hz
Power 54W
UL listed
Copper Free Silver Mirror 1
Aluminium Frame 1
LED Strips 1
Defogger 1
Drive 1
Touch Switch 1
Operator 1
Wiring Box 1
Wire 3
Waterproof Box 1
Black Sealant Plug 2
White Sealant Plug 2
Line Seat 2
Screw 2
Expansion Tube 2