Rome Marble Set

Black Mug
White Mug
25.4cm Black Plate
25.4cm White Plate
32cm Black Plate
32cm White Plate
400ml Black Bowl
400ml White Bowl
1000ml Black Bowl
1000ml White Bowl
35cm Black Plate
35cm White Plate
26.5cm Black
26.5cm White
28.8cm Black Plate
28.8cm White Plate
20cm Black rount
20cm White Round
33.5cm Black
33.5cm White
24cm Black
24cm White
25cm White
Rome Marble Set
Bring a sense of elegance to your dinner routines with the luxurious look of Rome Marble Set. Each piece showcases golden marble vein accents on a milky white or matte black background, that helps you to make a stunning presentation of your most delicious dishes. The set is ideal for everyday dining or formal events, it will brings an air of refinement to your table. You can order the whole set as well as choosing the ones you like the most, and later mix and match.


  • Gilded embellishments
  • Made of fine porcelain/ceramic
  • 2 unique styles (Black Thunder and White Thunder)
  • Dishwasher safe

Available Sizes:

  • Mug
  • Round plate- 20 cm (???)
  • Plate- 24,4 cm / 32 cm / 35 cm
  • Plate with handle- 28,8 cm
  • Bowl- 400ml / 1000ml
  • Oval Plate- 24 cm / 26,5 cm / 33,5cm
  • Each item is sold individually or in a set